The following article, featured in previous issues of San Antonio Express News, has prompted many homeowners to beat the deadline on their insurance claims.  Recent storm damage incurred over the past two years has left thousands of homeowners with a damaged roof.  However, most policies impose a deadline for which claims must be filed.  Do not miss your deadline.

Most property owners have done it—picked up a loose shingle or two from the driveway, looked roofward, and moved on to pull the car in or mow the lawn.  It is called “Roof Repair Denial,” our ability to ignore our roof with a simple, “If it doesn’t leak, don’t repair it” mantra.  San Antonio’s major spring storms of 2016 and 2019 caused many homeowners to change their outlook.  Many weeks after the storms occurred, they were facing leaks and extensive interior damage.  Insurance companies publish how many homes are affected and how many claims are made; up to 30% of eligible residential and commercial property owners have not filed claims.

“Very eager to help and working with the insurance was smooth and easy.  This was our first time with a roofing situation and with Patriot’s help, it was a breeze.”

It is no question that roof replacement can be a big-ticket item with property ownership, but it is also the most important facet of your property for its protection from the elements.  Undetected roof issues, especially from storm damage, can leave property owners with a false sense of security.  However, the inevitable result is additional costly repairs, otherwise avoidable.

Like so many projects around the house, educating oneself about roof replacement from a trusted source can open the gate to peace of mind.  Patriot Roofing’s professionals are prepared to provide that education, including information about the possibility of insurance-paid roof replacement.

“They were very helpful in answering all of my questions and concerns, particularly in dealing with my insurance company,” confirms Fidel.

A proper inspection is the first step when determining the condition and subsequent need to replace one’s roof.  Patriot Roofing’s inspectors maintain up-to-date knowledge of insurance company protocol, building code requirements, and homeowner’s association guidelines in order to take the guesswork out of local roof replacement.

“This is an excellent company,” observed Jim.

With over 40 years combined experience, Patriot Roofing provides property owners in the greater San Antonio area and southern Texas with expertise.  After completing a roof inspection, the knowledgeable staff walks every potential client through the roof replacement process, dispelling common fears as well as laying out the timing, insurance claim assistance, financing plans, and every other component of the job.  By taking this step-by-step approach, roof repairs and replacements come in on-time and within budget.

Patriot Roofing’s moto is, “Provide excellent products and outstanding customer service that exceed customer expectations.

“I had a very good experience with Patriot Roofing before, during, and after my roof was replaced,” stated Courtney.  They are very prompt with communication, and the installation team was thoughtful in dealing with my home and property.”

Both commercial and residential clients have come away consistently satisfied with their relationship with Patriot Roofing.  Whether they have received a new shingle or metal roof, Patriot’s high-quality work is evidenced by their reviews.  Patriot Roofing is also the preferred installer of EuroShield Rubber Shingle Roofing, an amazing new environmentally friendly material that is made from 95% recycled tires.  Working with Patriot Roofing avoids several problems that can affect property owners faced with roof repair or replacement.  Roofing scams are well documented throughout the San Antonio area, involving non-licensed roofers showing up at the door to offer roof repair at bargain basement prices.  In those cases, the roof may last a season, but not much longer.  So, Patriot Roofing’s Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship is definitely a no brainer.

“Without a doubt, my best experience working with a contracting company,” explained Amador.  “The employees at Patriot Roofing were fast, efficient, and professional.  This was definitely a worry-free experience.  There was excellent communication throughout the process.”

Patriot Roofing, fully licensed for residential and commercial service, operates with well-known integrity in the San Antonio area.  With an accredited A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of San Antonio, Patriot Roofing’s consistent five-star rating on Google, RateABiz, and other electronic rating services is a testament to the company’s work ethic and customer service.

“We just recently had our roof replaced by Patriot Roofing and the experience could not have been better,” said Rob, a recent customer.  “Despite a number of rain days, Patriot was able to finish our roof in a timely fashion and did a wonderful job.”

Because concerns about payment for roof replacement often hamper a homeowner’s decision to address an even critical roofing issue, Patriot Roofing offers a variety of payment programs designed to ease the burden.  The company’s experts also work hard for their clients to insure all property storm damage is presented to their insurance company to secure the most benefit from their coverage.  All credit card payments are also welcome.

“Patriot did a great job on our roof and coordinated with the insurance company on new code issues to maximize our compensation!” noted Yvonne.

Owners want trust and expertise when taking care of their homes and businesses, especially when facing a significant repair.  Interested property owners can check out the Patriot Roofing website or call 210-920-4471.